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  •   COLD WAR RADIO: REPORT: U.S. DEPLOYS ‘SPECIALLY-FORMED ELITE MILITARY UNIT’ TO HUNT DOWN ISIS HEAD, Al Sharpton to Headline Annual CAIR Banquet, AQAP announces support for ISIL, The Ingenious Way Kurdish Forces Are Battling ISIS, and Winning, Today in Cold War History for August 20, China troops enter disputed India territory: sources

  • Officer Sunil Dutta, a Los Angeles cop, penned a strongly worded “how to” in The Washington Post when it comes to the public dealing with police. DON’T ARGUE WITH ME, DON’T CALL ME NAMES, DON’T TELL ME THAT I CAN’T STOP YOU, DON’T SAY I’M A RACIST PIG, DON’T THREATEN THAT YOU’LL SUE ME AND TAKE AWAY MY BADGE. DON’T[Read More...]

  •   Hump Day not just because it’s Wednesday, but because that’s what the Progressives are doing to the country! Jeff Dunetz is the 2014 Not For Profit Blogger of the Year. Jeff is a conservative voice from the People’s Republic of New York whose political news and commentary can be found at his own site,, at, and weekly[Read More...]

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